Emergency Information
DATE: June 7, 2012 9:25:51 AM CDT
Reminder: Update Your Emergency Contact Information Today

To: UHCL Faculty, Staff and Students

With the 2012 hurricane season under way, we want to remind our campus community about the importance of providing and/or updating your emergency contact information. 

University of Houston-Clear Lake maintains an online emergency information center (http://www.uhclemergency.info/) to enhance communication with students, faculty and staff during emergency situations or inclement weather.

Through the Public Information and Emergency Response (PIER) system, UH-Clear Lake may send messages to your UHCL and personal email addresses and has the capability of sending text messages if needed. Most messages will be sent by email; however, text messaging will be used during incidents requiring immediate action or response.

Please take a moment to check the accuracy of and/or update your emergency contact information today to help ensure you receive vital information from the university in a timely and reliable manner during emergencies.

Click on the appropriate link below for instructions on updating your emergency contact information.

Students, click here.

Faculty & Staff, click here.


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