Emergency Information
DATE: February 15, 2008 12:35:10 PM CST
Northern Illinois University Shooting and UHCL Response

Dear University Community,  

I am writing to reassure you that in the aftermath of the NIU tragedy, the UHCL Police Department is aware of the anxiety on campus. 

While in no way can I guarantee that a shooting cannot occur on our campus, I can tell you that your police department maintains a constant presence throughout campus, and is well trained in response to such a tragedy, including tactical police response and mass notification.  We have drilled on these events and understand the importance of being at the height of preparedness.  

I have also instructed my personnel to provide additional focus on physical contacts with the students and staff over the next few weeks just to let them know we are here for you and on alert.  

As always, if you see suspicious activity or suspect a disturbed person on campus, please call the police department immediately at 281-283-2222.  We take all threats to the campus seriously.


Paul S. Willingham
Chief of Police

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